Business Plan – Write it in 140 Characters

I stumbled on a very interesting article that lead me to a very interesting competition. The article appeared in the New York Times on Friday 16 April with the following heading, “Can You Write a Business Plan With Fewer Than 140 Characters?” The article was written about a competition being run by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in conjunction with their MIT $100K annual business plan competition.

They call it the TWITCH (Twitter Pitch) contest. And this brings me to the topic for this article, “How long should your business plan be?” Here are some of the advice you may find on the Net:

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Getting Started Guide to Self-Employment: Your Business Plan

Why you need a business plan

You’ve heard it before, you should write a plan before you start your business. You might be wondering why that’s so important. Here are three good reasons. Writing a plan

  • clarifies what your business goals are so you know how to measure success,
  • helps you spot potential problems so you can plan for them instead of getting caught by surprise, and
  • shows potential investors or lenders how you will make the business profitable so they will be more likely to invest their money or approve your loan.

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How to Start a Spa Salon Business Plan

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (with thanks to the inimitable J. Woden): ‘Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.’ For most things in life you need a plan – you wouldn’t drive your car somewhere new without a road directory, so avoid heading into uncharted financial territory without a business plan.

When I decided to open my first salon I was flat broke, in debt and had nothing but a great business idea. The bank turned down my first loan application and, because my parents were far from wealthy, my father approached his boss for a loan on my behalf. It was then, at the age of 20, that I learned the importance of a structured business plan. My father’s boss made me put my idea down on paper. At the time I thought this was lame but, as it turned out, he did me the biggest favour of all time.

To succeed in stating a salon, you need a PLAN. It’s your blueprint, a step-by-step guide to fully understanding everything it takes to put your business together, track its growth and ensure its survival. Many stylist’s and therapist’s devote too much time to thinking about (and discussing) their amazing salon or spa concept, while too few bother with the formality of a business plan.

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